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About our products

Simple. Healthy. Natural.

These three modest words describe the Elucence Beauty & Wellness collection — a complete line of hair care products made from natural ingredients. Based on the premise that hair needs the same nutrients your body does to thrive and repair. Elucence blends proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals together into special formulas designed to balance, strengthen, condition and relax your hair. Natural ingredients in personal care products ensure the most effective and healthy approach to a simple and natural lifestyle.

Meanwhile, experience the extraordinary soothing aromas of the natural ingredients in Elucence Beauty & Wellness hair care products. These sweetly seductive aromas will invigorate your senses and awaken your spirit. A great way to begin each day.



Elucence Shampoos are designed to provide simple, natural solutions for the cleansing of all hair types. Natural ingredients provide nutrition for healthy scalp and hair as well as protection from environmental elements. Elucence Shampoos are specially formulated with a unique cleansing agent that has a larger molecule size than normal shampoos. This means the shampoo will not penetrate the hair or scalp during the lathering processes, ensuring any moisture already existing in the hair remains locked in.



Elucence Conditioners reduce friction, tangles, static electricity and overall brittle texture. Our three different conditioners work to provide specialized hair nutrition for daily and extreme needs.


Styling Aids

A unique combination of humidity-resistant holding agents, vitamins and botanicals provides Elucence Styling & Finishing Aids with the ability to style and protect your hair. Lightweight and made from natural ingredients, Elucence will never dry out your hair or build up on the scalp.